Post from the Winding Yarn Road

A moment of knitting frustration

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I play music. 

I fiddle with inks and paints. 

I work to convince 10 year-olds to brush and floss their teeth.

I work to show people I believe in their inherent creativity...ability...potential...innate ability to learn and understand....

....and that they can believe in this also.

...But mostly I knit. Or if I'm not actively knitting, I'm thinking about knitting. About stitches. About construction. About drape. About loft. About gauge. About color. About how all this can change lives and save worlds. About how to explain these important things to other people, and....

Well, I think you get the idea. I'm a little over the edge about the whole knitting thing.

Hello, My name is Melody and I have a yarn problem.

(well more actually, my FAMILY has a yarn problem...)

Best wishes,

Melody Draves

Stay Calm.....Knit Often

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