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My Beloved Jackson in front of my old shop.

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I sold my yarn shop about a year ago and found myself ready to put more serous time into building my designs into a marketable pattern line. One thing led to another and I was given the opportunity to be a manufacturer's rep for a yarn company.

Of course I refused.

But I came to my senses and now am just humbled by what a great grad school experience setting up, owning and running my shop has turned out to be.

Throwing myself into the endeavor was the most harrowing education in hard work, working smarter, trusting, learning what not to trust, the value of balance, and of course working harder.

I want you as one of my shops to take anything I learned and use it for yourself. I want you to be successful. The job you have is like no other and just when you think you have a handle on it, something comes along to add a whole new dimension to the game and WHOOSH.... a whole new aspect opens up. Fresh learning curves ahead!

I get to see many different takes on the business of selling yarn in many different types of communities. I might find just the display trick you could use to re-vitalize a line. There may be a class that just lights people's lives up....

I'll endeavor to keep it quick.....keep it fresh....keep it real....and keep it coming!


Melody Draves

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