Post from the Winding Yarn Road

Hello, Cool World

I'm back at the Knitting Life after an exciting summer. I saw my first grand boy begin his first steps and my first grand daughter get good at her first breaths. I am consistently amazed at the cool cast of characters that make up my family....the boys and brothers, the in-laws, out-laws and's a rich array of people. I'm soon to take off for the wild blue and do the Winding Yarn Road and very involved in packing and sorting all the new goodies to take on the road. The best break I can imagine, however is to sit with Janai, my DIL, and help her learn to manage sticks and strings. More joy to come as she can already see the difference in fiber quality.....ANOTHER CONVERT! (Also she will soon not be satisfied with the cast offs of my crap yarn stash. Sigh. Its all good.)

Night Before The Big Game

So many familiar faces are beginning to populate this show. I look at my collected buttons and they date back to 2006. Wow. My intentions that first show were simple: to do something good for my town and have fun doing it. I ran into someone's quip that the easiest business plan would read "Put stuff on the shelf and sell it." My view from my place on the road now has many more shades of grey as I have learned about landlords, weather closures, working with awesome staff, keeping track of inventory, cash flow.... and the beat goes on. Now I know I will meet people who will be the rock stars soon. I can see the honest efforts of good people show fruit. This yarn industry changes with every new computing device that arrives to rock the market, but some of the best things still remain constant: we love to make beautiful things in this world.

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